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Excerpt of letter from Philip Smyers to his wife. Smyers was serving in the Union Army and had seen action at Fredericksburg. His observation about the two armies is quite telling. He recognizes that the greater size of the Union Army is offset by the quality of the Confederate generals.

Excerpt of letter to Miss Helen M. Adam from William B.T. Although the writer of this letter has not been identified, he makes some interesting observations about "the storm that is soon to break upon us."

Excerpt from letter to Lt. M. B. Ruggles from a family member. Believed to have been written in the Fredericksburg area. The writer provides a bleak description of the situation- no shoes, food is scarce, and supplies expensive- typical of the civilian experience in Virginia during the war.

Excerpt of letter from I.J. Perry to his brother from a camp in Fredericksburg. The comments on recruiting efforts are interesting, showing how slow enlistments were in some areas at the start of the war.

Excerpt of letter from John. E. Ames to Beverly Codwise in Orange County.

Excerpt of a letter from Robert Knox to his mother. Robert provides details of the fighting he has done and of his friends in camp. His comments on the lack of meat for Grant's soldiers is interesting considering how well supplied the Union Army usually was.

All letters courtesy of the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center.


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All images courtesy of the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center.