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Behind the Lines

A special series on the Battle of Fredericksburg

Week 37, the final installment--The battlefield becomes a park

Week 36--Burnside bows out after debacle

Week 35--Burying the dead at Fredericksburg

Week 34--The Union army retreats

Week 33--The Angel of Marye's Heights

Week 32--Two days of suspense

Week 31--Lee misses his chance

Week 30--Chatham feels the hand of war

Week 29--One man's ordeal: William McCarter

Week 28--Ambrose Burnside goes for broke

Week 27--Martha Stephens: Heroine or hoax?

Week 26--Brompton: Front door on the battle

Week 25--Lee directs battle from Telegraph Hill

Week 24--Professor Lowe's observation balloons

Week 23--Washington Artillery mans the guns

Week 22--The charge of the Irish Brigade

Week 21--Cobb gives his life for the Confederacy

Week 20--Union troops sent on suicide mission

Week 19--Slave cabins were center of 1862 battle maneuverings

Week 18--The Struggle for Prospect Hill

Week 17--Mannsfield: Beautiful antebellum mansion became scene of suffering

Week 16--Union artillery pounds Prospect Hill

Week 15--The gallant Pelham

Week 14--Gen. William B. Franklin and the trials

Week 13--Final preparations on battle's eve

Week 12--The sacking of Fredericksburg

Week 11--Caught in the crossfire: Civilians at Fredericksburg

Week 10--Drummer Boy of the Rappahannock

Week 9--Fighting in the streets of Fredericksburg

Week 8--The Battle of the bridges

Week 7--Before the storm, peaceful interlude

Week 6--Ambrose Burnside ponders his options

Week 5--Lee rushes to defend Fredericksburg

Week 4--Case of the Missing Pontoons

Week 3--March to Fredericksburg

Week 2--Burnside takes command

Week 1--George McClellan says farewell