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Gen. Robert E. Lee

Gen. Robert E. Lee led the Army of the Northern Virginia in all of the battles fought in and around Fredericksburg.

He had regretted McClellan's removal, remarking to one of his officers: "We always understood each other so well. I fear they may continue to make these changes till they find someone whom I don't understand."

Confederate leadership during the Chancellorsville Campaign may represent the finest generalship of the Civil War, but the luster of "Lee's greatest victory" fades upon examination of the battle's tangible results.

Although the Federal suffered more than 17,000 casualties, those losses accounted for only 13 percent of its total Gen. Hooker's total strength. Lee's 13,000 casualties amounted to 22 percent of his army.

Still, Lee's triumph at Chancellorsville imbued him with the belief that his army was invincible. He convinced the Richmond government to endorse his proposed offensive into Pennsylvania. Within six weeks, the Army of Northern Virginia confidently embarked on a journey northward that would end at a small town named Gettysburg.

-National Park Service

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