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150th Anniversary: Battle of Fredericksburg | Battle of Chancellorsville

Teaching the Civil War

Introduction for teachers
Guide to teaching Virginia's Civil War SOLs
A step-by-step guide to this Web site, which covers all fourth- and fifth-grade SOLs.

The story

A Nation Divided
By 1860, after years of compromise on several issues, war could no longer be avoided.

Events and Battles
After Fort Sumter had fallen to the Confederacy, Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers for 90 days to put down the rebellion.

Their decisions, strength and skills would guide the United States through one of the most difficult challenges for this nation.

Daily Life
Whether it was a soldier on the battlefield, or a relative at home, everyone was affected by this brutal war.

It would be a time of turmoil and transition as slavery was abolished, and a new America was born.


North or South?
Explore the culture of the North and South.

Match the abolitionist
Choose who is associated with ideas, actions or issues related to abolition.

What would you do?
Decide how you would handle important situations before the Civil War.

Name that leader
Who's who in the Civil War.

Study the artifact
Decide where a Civil War item would most likely be found.

Be a Civil War columnist
Write your own news story about the Civil War with a headline, pictures and your own byline.

Interactive map
Put states where they belong, decide whether they fought for the Union or Confederacy and color them blue or gray.


SOL Civil War key word index.
Civil War glossary.

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