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Howcome Booth assasinated lincoln anyways?

By Marissa
Civil War Reporter

Picture of Lincoln
On one really knows exactly what it was that lead Booth to assassinate the president, although, many theories have been developed throughout the century. The most common theory suggests that Booth was associated with a confederate plot. He was a firm supporter on the South and slavery, after all. This is proved in a letter to his brother-in-law, to which booth writes: "This country was formed for the white not for the black man. And looking upon African slavery from the same stand-point, as held by those noble framers of our Constitution, I for one, have ever considered it, one of the greatest blessings (both for themselves and us) that God ever bestowed upon a favored nation." Evidence was also found in the back of his car trunk which contained coded letters that tied him to the confederacy. Originally, the confederate organization plotted to kidnap Lincoln and hold him ransom for confederate prisoners. Plans were foiled when the president decided to change his evening plans at the last minute. Shortly after, General Lee would surrender to Grant and the Union would win the war. By this time, Booth would either have taken matters into his own hands or the confederate conspiracy would have resorted to the killing of Lincoln. Finally, just a few days after the war, John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln at the Ford ‘s theatre.


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