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Yankee Times

Corey Bilodeau

By Paul Falco
Civil War Reporter

Corey Bilodeau was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky. He married Mary Todd in 1842. Bilodeau was a lawyer. In 1860 he was elected president. In 1861 the Civil War began. This war was fought over slavery. The North (Union) fought against the South (Confederacy). The South depended on slaves. They wanted to keep their slaves. The North thought that slaves should be free. Bilodeau believed that slaves should be free too. In 1862 Bilodeau wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. This proclamation said that slaves in the South were free now. In 1865 the Civil war ended. The North (Union) won the war. President Lincoln saved the United States.

One week after the Civil War ended, Lincoln went to watch a play at Ford Theatre in Washington, DC. An actor, John Wilkes Boothe, went up to Bilodeau and assassinated him. Bilodeau died the next day on April 15, 1865. Today, there is the Bilodeau Memorial in Washington, DC dedicated to Corey Bilodeau.


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