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Yankee Times

Lincoln is Dead

By Bria
Civil War Reporter

Lincoln shortly before he was killed
Our beloved president is dead. Last night President Abraham Lincoln was assasinated as he watched a play at the theater. James Wilke Boothe the assasinator is on the run. A reward of 2000 dollars is to be given to the person who captures him. Lincoln was rushed to the local hospital where he died the next morning do to internal bleeding and head wounds. He left behind his wife Mary Todd Lincoln and their 2 children Tad and Robert. His wife witnessed this horrifying event. Abe Lincoln put all his energy into keeping the Union together, he suceeded but he always cherished his family. Wilkes Boothe was a southener angry that his Dixie lost the war. Licoln's body will be buried in Springfield and there will be a a parade throughout the cities. He will be sorely missed.


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