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Legacy of the Civil War

The Civil War had changed America forever. No longer would there be a North and South, but now, just one nation. No longer would slaves be used for the economic benefit of the South, but now, they would earn wages and own businesses. No longer would people speak openly of state's rights and revolts, but now, they spoke of unity. It was a new vision of America.

America had been shaped by the Civil War. The war was a crisis in several ways. So much had been lost, so much had been tested. Could a president hold a Union together by force? Could an outnumbered, outgunned army actually win the war? Could the Constitution hold up during this difficult time or would chaos prevail? These were the many questions asked throughout the duration of the war as the country was destroyed, thousands of men were killed, and no end was in sight.

But finally, after four years, the war had ended and changed how Americans viewed Americans. They were a family once again, made stronger by the ties that bind us all together. Of course, there would be disagreement, there would be conflict, and there would be unfair treatment, but it was the price to pay so that America could live.

America had survived the worst period in their history and emerged stronger and more ready for the challenges ahead. America was ready to face the future, and over the next one hundred and thirty years became the most powerful and freedom-loving country in the world. God Bless America !


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