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General Ulysses S. Grant

Ulyssess S. Grant
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Ulysses S. Grant was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio in 1822, and he graduated from West Point in 1843. He fought in the Mexican War and is assigned several positions in the army.

After the Civil War begins, Grant joins the Union and commands troops on the Mississippi River.

He captures Forts Henry and Donelson and is promoted to Major General. Grant is named Commander of the Army of Tennessee and establishes himself as a reliable commander in the West.

Finally, he combines several Union forces and is able to capture the city of Vicksburg, giving control of the Mississippi River to the Union.

Shortly after the capture of Vicksburg, Lincoln appoints Grant as the supreme Union commander. He comes to Virginia with the goal of defeating Lee's army and destroying the South.

For the next several months, the Union army drives Lee to the southern part of Virginia and forces him to surrender on April 9, 1865. Grant allows the defeated Confederates to return to their homes with their arms and horses. Due to his popularity, Grant becomes president in 1869.

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