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Events and battles


After Fort Sumter had fallen to the Confederacy, Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers for 90 days to put down the rebellion.

Lincoln did this on April 15, 1861, and almost immediately four more states joined the Confederacy: Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

The remaining border states: Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware decided to stay with the Union. The nation was ready for war.

Union and Confederacy

Fort Sumter to Manassas

Monitor and Merrimac

Battle of Fredericksburg

Shiloh to Gettysburg

Fall of Vicksburg

Appomattox Court House

The story

1. A Nation Divided

2. Events and Battles

3. Leaders

4. Daily Life

5. Aftermath


North or South?

Match the abolitionist

What would you do?

Name that leader

Study the artifact

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