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1. Click and drag the states to their proper place on the map.

2. When the puzzle is complete, click on the "Color States" button to begin coloring the states. To use the paint buckets, click on the bucket to pick it up (you don't need to hold down the mouse button). Click on the state that you want to color while dragging the bucket. If it is correct, the state will turn the color of the bucket.

3. If you want to change paint buckets just click on the other one. If you want to drop the bucket, click on "Drop Bucket".

The story

1. A Nation Divided

2. Events and Battles

3. Leaders

4. Daily Life

5. Aftermath


North or South?

Match the abolitionist

What would you do?

Name that leader

Study the artifact

Be a columnist

Interactive map


SOL Civil War key word index