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Price Area/County Sq Acres Zone
/ Neighbourhood
CU8149694 -- 15033 WRECKER CT $3,536  
   CULPEPER Not available    LI Stevensburg
CU8289030 -- 205 SOUTHGATE CENTER $1,800  
   CULPEPER C3R2 Southgate Center
MA8291017 -- 4976 SEMINOLE TRL $1,500  
   MADISON 5.18    M1 Seminole
ST8044554 -- 15 RIVERSIDE PKWY $22  
   STAFFORD 2.05    M1 Riverside Business Park
FC8182436 -- 10875 MAIN ST #212 $1,600  
   FAIRFAX CITY 2324.20    C-2 Prof Ctr Of Fairfax Co
FC8122634 -- 10875 MAIN ST #211 $1,700  
   FAIRFAX CITY 2324.20    C-2 Prof Ctr Of Fairfax Co
FX8255667 -- 4201 PLEASANT VALLEY RD $5,495  
   FAIRFAX Not available    530 Pleasant Valley Office
ST8185001 -- 1002 THOMAS LN $2,500  
   STAFFORD 0.90    B2 Old Forge
KG7934576 -- 7851 DOLLEY`S COURT $350  
FB8241237 -- 618 KENMORE AVE #A1 -- No photo available at this time. $3,000  

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