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/ Neighbourhood
ST8340355 -- 158 CANTERBURY DR $499,000  
   STAFFORD 7.52    A1 Canterbury Estates
Waterfront Property
KG8008963 -- 0 CHERWOOD POND $400,000  
   KING GEORGE 12.77    AG Cherwood Pond
Waterfront Property
WE8045240 -- CHURCH POINT LN. $80,000  
   WESTMORELAND 2.82    R1 Church Point
Waterfront Property
LA8358236 -- ESTES $425,000  
   LOUISA 1.27    R2 & C2 Cochrans Landing
Waterfront Property
LA8358239 -- ESTES $425,000  
   LOUISA 1.87    R2 & C2 Cochrans Landing
Waterfront Property
LA8211355 -- 5 FRESHWOOD CT $350,000  
   LOUISA 0.92    R2 Contrary Creek
Waterfront Property
LA8211424 -- 6 FRESHWOOD CT $350,000  
   LOUISA 0.92    R2 Contrary Creek
Waterfront Property
LA8017957 -- TOMAHAWK CREEK CIR $525,000  
   LOUISA 2.00    R2 Countryside
Waterfront Property
LA8249859 -- 61 ROBBIE RD $339,450  
   LOUISA 0.92    RR Cuckoos Nest
Waterfront Property
LA8399213 -- ELNOR RD $389,000  
   LOUISA 1.03    R Cuckoos Nest
Waterfront Property

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