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Date published: 6/26/2001


"I think that wherever the bishop sends you is where God wants you to go," he says.

Peffley has only spent a year at St. Mary Catholic Church in Fredericksburg, but he has now been requested to move to a new parish in Warrenton. He leaves Fredericksburg this week.

One of Peffley's primary goals is to establish the Legion of Mary wherever he goes, and he has done that at St. Mary as well. Devoted to the mother of Jesus, the Legion's community service and evangelization make it "an invaluable tool in my priesthood to reach out to more souls," says Peffley.

Peffley also brings a sense of humor with him. "I try to be practical in giving people ways in which they can live the Christian life, and also to be positive," he says. A good Catholic joke, for example, never hurts a homily.

Peffley draws inspiration from his collection of over 5,000 audio tapes that range from intense theology to hard-core humor.

Peffley participated in the recent Theology on Tap series at Orbit's Downtown Eatery, where local priests fuse Christianity and practicality in lectures.

"Theology on Tap is wonderful because a lot of these young adults don't go to church--but they have a chance to eat, drink, socialize, get the talk and then some more socializing," he says.

Peffley also has a unique way of reaching out to his parishes--he juggles. His best trick is a bowling ball and two machetes, and he also juggles torches, sickles, baseball bats, and apples--which he can eat as they go around.

"If people ask me to juggle at their birthday parties, I'm happy to do it," Peffley says. (He learned his initial skills by reading the book "Juggling for the Complete Klutz.") He doesn't charge--and if he's given a donation, he uses it to buy religious items that he then distributes to parishioners.

The priesthood doesn't prevent Peffley from keeping up the rest of his hobbies, either. He enjoys scuba-diving and collects sand from every island he visits. He only has 12 more states to go until he's hit all 50. He maintains a Web site (that has gotten 25,000 hits since 1998. He enjoys photography, golf, bowling and playing pool.

He has over 500 CDs and 25,000 baseball cards from 1887 to today.

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