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Date published: 7/3/2002


THERE IS NO BETTER time than the Fourth of July to reflect on the past and cherish the present--both as Americans and residents of Stafford County.

So today, we present our third annual County Quiz.

It's all for fun, so grab a pencil and pull up a chair. And while the charcoals are heating and the drinks are chilling, test yourself and see just how much you know about the place you call home.

Good luck! All the answers appear on Page 2.

1. Which of the following statements about Stafford County is true?

a. Indians are believed to have roamed the area that is now Stafford County as early as 1,000 B.C.

b. Chatham mansion near Falmouth is one of only three homes in the nation visited by both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

c. Among Virginia's counties, Stafford ranks first in the percentage of people younger than 18, with 32 percent.

d. All of the above

2. George Washington is considered Stafford's most famous resident. What college did Washington attend?

a. He did not attend college.

b. William & Mary

c. Harvard

d. Mary Washington College

3. Stafford County today is strongly linked to the Marine Corps through Quantico Marine Corps Base. What does the Latin phrase "Semper Fidelis" mean?

a. Always faithful

b. Beat Army

c. Might for Right

d. Patriotism First

4. The Stafford Recreational Soccer League has the largest number of participants among the county's private sports groups. How many Stafford youngsters play on SRSL teams?

a. 1,500

b. 2,000

c. 2,500

d. 3,000

5. North Stafford High School celebrated a birthday this year. Which one was it?

a. 10th

b. 20th

c. 25th

d. 30th

6. "Aquia" is derived from an Algonquin Indian name for what?

a. Fish

b. Sandstone

c. Gulls

d. Stoplights

7. How did the Crow's Nest area of Stafford County get its name?

a. From a boat that was harbored there.

b. From members of the Crow Indian tribe who once lived there.

c. From an early English settler named Jacob Crowe.

d. The region served as the nesting place for a large flock of crows during the 1930s.

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