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Some intriguing titles for summer reading
Need a good book for summer? Here are some intriguing titles you might have missed.

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Date published: 8/6/2003


SUMMERTIME is a great time for relaxing with a good book. All you need is a quiet place, a soft chair and an interesting page-turner.

It so happens that while exploring the nooks and crannies of Stafford County a few days ago, I discovered a tiny bookstore that offered some rather unusual titles. (I'd like to give you directions. But honestly, I can't even remember whether the store was in a nook or a cranny.)

Anyway, I made a list of some of the offbeat books I thought might be of special interest to Stafford County readers. I offer them today strictly as a public service.

Good luck in finding them.

"Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Falmouth Intersection"

"Who Moved My Cheeseburger: A Guide to Fast Food Dining on Garrisonville Road"

"The Amazing Stafford County Weight-loss Program"

(I peeked inside this one and apparently you can eat anything you want. But you have to take a construction job and work 10 hours a day in Virginia's summer heat.)

"White Oak's Warbler: The Life and Tunes of Mark Newton"

"Secret Recipes From the Menu at the Paradise Dinner"

"Pilates for Commuters: How to Stay in Shape and Still Keep Both Hands on the Wheel"

"Coping With Life's Three Most Frightening Words: 'Road Work Ahead'"

"How To Make Millions Selling School Supplies: Who Really Makes Up Those Lists?"

"Why is it Called Wawa? New Research Sheds Light on an Ancient Mystery"

"Landscaping Tips Utilizing Dandelions, Crab Grass and Bare Spots"

"Using Your Turn Signal: The Best Way to Make Friends and Influence People"

"Wal-Mart's Guide to Shopping-Cart Aerobics"

"The Secret Lives of the Stafford County School Board: Aren't They Too Good to be True?"

"Ten Mind Games to Play While Standing in Line at the Post Office"

"An Idiot's Guide to Stafford County History: Who was George Washington, Anyway?"

"The Dog Conspiracy: Are They Just Smiling, or Is the Laugh on You?"

And finally:

"Stafford County Shortcuts: From Garrisonville to Fredericksburg Entirely on Gravel Roads"

(This one intrigued me, until I noticed that the final chapter was titled: "Are You a Strong Swimmer?")

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