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Developing Stafford
Stafford's new director of economic development and legislative affairs is eager to get started.

 Timothy J. Baroody is the new economic development director in Stafford. His family has deep roots in the county.
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Date published: 1/28/2004


OU WOULD NOT expect someone born in 1831 to have a daily presence in Stafford County's department of economic development.

After all, that's where new director Timothy J. Baroody and his staff work to improve Stafford's future by promoting business and industry.

But the county's past also is represented by a photograph of John William Watson, Baroody's great-great-great-grandfather. Watson was a Stafford native and farmer, whose homestead sat off present-day Brooke Road.

"His photo hangs on the wall of my office," said Baroody of his Civil War ancestor. "And he's sort of positioned so he's looking over my shoulder.

"I like that. It's kind of hard to put into words but as someone with family roots in Stafford, I'm very excited about the opportunities that this job offers.

"I think my ancestors would be proud that the mostly rural Stafford County they knew has grown into a modern economic entity. I think the Board of Supervisors has done a great job of providing for the future. And I'm looking forward to playing a positive role in helping to shape that future."

The 34-year-old Baroody moved to Stafford in 1999 from Alexandria. His title is director of economic development and legislative affairs, and he has been on the job for about two months.

Baroody and his staff will be responsible for marketing the county to new businesses and for retaining and helping to expand high-quality companies, industry and tourist attractions. He also will oversee the county's legislative and public information efforts.

Baroody is a resident of Aquia Harbour along with his wife, Kristen, and their daughter. He formerly served as deputy chief of staff and legislative director for Rep. Jo Ann Davis, R-1st District, which includes Stafford.

"After several years of commuting to Washington, I very much like the idea of living, working and shopping in Stafford," Baroody said. "It's ideal."

Baroody also said he expects his congressional connections to help him attract defense contractors and defense-related work to Stafford County.

"Our focus is to bring family-sustaining jobs to the region," he said. "We want to make the residential tax base less burdensome and to help promote high-end development."

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