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Road funds for Celebrate slave ship?
Road funds for Celebrate slave ship?

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Date published: 3/31/2004

Celebrate Virginia has a plan to spend some $5 million to build a replica of a slave ship, to be named Dos Amigos. That project may or may not be a good idea, but what is startling is that the slavery museum is trying to obtain funds for this from the state's very limited transportation budget.

The next time you are sitting in traffic on State Route 3, or at the Falmouth Bridge, or on U.S. 17 in Stafford, what goes through your mind? Probably the thought, "Why don't they do something about this?"

Well, the reason is that the state transportation budget is limited, and demands for traffic improvement are virtually unlimited. Five million dollars will not solve Route 3, or Falmouth, or U.S. 17. Every dollar taken from the budget for a slave ship replica, however, is going to mean a further delay in resolving these major issues.

If there is going to be state funding for a slave ship replica, let it come out of some budget other than transportation. It is outrageous for this raid on transportation when we have real pressing transportation needs locally.

Those who agree with this viewpoint should contact their county supervisor or city councilman who sits on the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board.

Alfred M. King


Alfred M. King is a member of the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization's Transportation Advisory Group.