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Test your knowledge about Stafford County facts and figures
Test your knowledge about Stafford County facts and figures

 While many of the stores already are open in Stafford Marketplace, construction continues on the shopping center.
Workers like Rudy Gutierrez are busy adding more.

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Date published: 6/30/2004


THERE IS no better time than the Fourth of July to reflect on the past and cherish the present--both as Americans and residents of Stafford County.

So today, we offer the challenge of our fifth annual County Quiz. Some knowledge of local history will help. But anyone who is attuned to everyday life in Stafford should score well.

It's all for fun, so grab a pencil and pull up a chair. And while the food is grillin' and the drinks are chillin', test yourself and see just how much you know about the place you call home.

Good luck! All the answers appear on Page 5.

1Which chain has the most locations in Stafford County?

a. Food Lion

b. Wawa

c. McDonald's

d. 7-Eleven

2What percentage of Stafford County's high school graduates plan to attend college or a trade school?

a. 22 percent

b. 42 percent

c. 62 percent

d. 82 percent

3The Battle of Hartwood Church in late February 1863 was the largest Civil War engagement fought entirely on Stafford soil. Who was the Confederate commander during the fight?

a. Jeb Stuart

b. Fitzhugh Lee

c. John Mosby

d. "Stonewall" Jackson

4Speaking of Hartwood, how did that southern Stafford community get its name?

a. The rural region has long been known for a heavy deer population, and the word "hart" is Old English for deer.

b. It was named for Amos Hartwood, a Colonial-era farmer and politician.

c. It is derived from an Indian word that means "rich soil."

d. It was named by early settlers after a region in Scotland.

5Stafford residents will be helping to elect a U.S. president this fall. What percentage of registered county voters participated in the 2000 presidential election?

a. 26 percent

b. 46 percent

c. 66 percent

d. 86 percent

6According to an informal survey of staff members at the Paradise Diner, who is the most generous tipper:

a. State Del. Bill Howell

b. State Sen. John Chichester

c. Sheriff Charles Jett

d. Supervisor Mark Osborn

7In what year did Stafford's one and only movie theater open in the Aquia Towne Center?

a. 1960

b. 1970

c. 1980

d. 1990

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