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Marker to honor Conway page 3
A new state historical marker on River Road in Falmouth will recognize the accomplishments of Moncure Conway, an Civil War-era abolitionist, author and minister

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Date published: 8/11/2004



"The architecture of the house is what originally attracted us," said Lenetta Schools. "We wanted something made of brick with a slate roof that would be low-maintenance. It was the design and style of the house that was important.

"Then, when we began to get into the history and found out more about Moncure Conway, the place took on a life of its own. Now, we just want to be good stewards for the property."

Schools said she hoped that a newly formed nonprofit Moncure Conway Foundation will be successful in raising awareness of Conway's life and his significance in American history.

D'Entremont, the history professor from Randolph-Macon Woman's College, offered his opinion about Conway's stature in an interview two years ago.

"Conway," he said, "is the most significant person to come out of the Fredericksburg area--unless you include George Washington. Then, Conway is No. 2."

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