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Mullins deal mulled page 3
Talks aim to preserve portion of Chancellorsville battlefield on Mullins farm

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Date published: 8/13/2004



In 2002, a subsequent board placed Mullins' farm within the growth district as part of a countywide overhaul of zoning rules. Mullins, who owns Covenant Funeral Service, had planned to sell the land to a Northern Virginia developer who wanted to build a village called the Town of Chancellorsville, but that fell through when the county refused to rezone the property in 2003.

Hagan said if the ongoing negotiations bear fruit, the supervisors won't need to change the growth boundary.

"In order to enable the project that would save part of the battlefieldwater and sewer would need to be made available, at the developer's cost, to that project," he said.

Campi said no timetable has been set for completing a deal, adding that the terms are very fluid.

But Mike Stevens, president of the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust, is thrilled the talks simply are occurring. His group has saved more than 200 acres of Civil War land in the Fredericksburg area, and Stevens said CVBT would contribute money and hold fund-raisers if needed to make the deal happen.

"I am very hopeful--some would say it's because I could be called Dr. Pangloss--that some of the hallowed ground we've been striving to save for years, is still savable," he said.

"It's still a doable deal, and I hope that we will get something done where everyone will feel they've done the best for themselves and for the community."

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