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Old MacSpotsy had a goat: John Mullins
Old MacSpotsy had a goat: John Mullins

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Date published: 8/14/2004

After reading recent letters to the editor and articles in The Free Lance-Star, one would think that John Mullins had invented growth in Spotsylvania. One article went as far as to say that the supervisors had rezoned Mr. Mullins' 55 acres, known as Mullins Farm, as a favor by a lame-duck board.

First, Mr. Mullins is not responsible for the unrealistic growth approved by past and present boards. Second, the board of supervisors hasn't done any rezoning for Mr. Mullins as a "favor."

No one should have to go through what the Mullins' family has with regard to property they own and wish to sell. One letter-writer even went as far to say that since Mr. Mullins had made so much money (on the sale of property not related to the zoning issue) he should be gracious about giving back to the community. This is a cheap shot and implies that the Mullins family has not already given quite a bit back to the community.

It does not matter if Mr. Mullins is worth $1 or $1 million plus. What he does with his hard-earned money is his business and he does not have to be made a scapegoat because of previous poor choices by the board of supervisors.

If the Mullins Farm was rezoned to allow county hook-up, then it should remain so. The problem with overgrowth won't be solved by changing the 55 acres in question. A responsible board can choose to make appropriate zoning decisions and recommendations on further requests.

Frances Gyomory