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There's no excuse not to vote
There is still time for Stafford residents to register for the Nov. 2 presidential election--and plenty of reasons to exercise the right to vote

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Date published: 9/15/2004


IF YOU LIVE in Stafford Coun- ty and are not registered to vote in the Nov. 2 presidential election, I have two things to say.

The first: Shame on you.

And the second: It's not too late to do the right thing.

The deadline to register is Oct. 4. That gives you more than two weeks to confirm that you are on the voting list and, if necessary, to register.

I don't care about your early morning commute, or that you have too many chores and too little time. And I don't want to hear that the dog ate your voter registration card.

There is no good excuse for not voting--especially when it's so easy.

County Registrar Ray Davis and his staff can help you at the Stafford Administration Center from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Voter registration forms also are available at Porter Library in Park Ridge subdivision, at the Virginia Tech Extension office in the Chatham Square Office Park and at the Department of Motor Vehicles at 874 Garrisonville Road.

For details, call 658-4000, or check the registrar's Web site: co.stafford.va.us/registrar.

The Web site is full of good information, including frequently asked questions, a list of polling places in Stafford, information on absentee voting and instructions for marking a ballot.

"We hope people will use the Web site," Davis said. "We try to keep that information updated and it reduces the number of phone calls and office visits."

Davis stressed, however, that residents without access to a computer or who are homebound for any reason can simply call his office and request that an application for an absentee ballot be mailed to them.

"If people have a registration card or if they have voted in any recent election, then they are still registered," Davis said. "But if someone is not sure if they are registered, all they need to do is call."

The qualifications to vote in Virginia are simple. A voter must be 18 years old by the time of the election, must be a U.S. citizen and must be a resident of the state.

Davis said sometimes misunderstandings can arise over the legal residency of military service members and their families.

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