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Mullins parcel's new fate page 2
Options available for preserved land at Mullins farm

Date published: 9/17/2004



Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Hagan, who played a key role in brokering the deal, would like to see a museum on the property.

"The best way to preserve it, probably, is to honor those who fought there, perhaps with an interpretive center," he said.

Hagan would model such a facility on the privately owned Pamplin Park near Petersburg, which features costumed interpreters and interactive exhibits on the lives of actual Civil War soldiers.

For years, area preservationists were pessimistic about the prospect of saving the land.

Mullins considered a variety of options for the farmland he purchased for about $2.8 million in the mid-1990s.

The most controversial was a developer's plan to build the Town of Chancellorsville--a leviathan containing nearly 2,000 homes and up to 2.2 million square feet of shops and offices. The supervisors rejected the project in 2003.

Earlier this year, Mullins sold the bulk of the land to luxury-home builder Toll Brothers Inc.

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