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Archer Di Peppe explores life lessons page 2
Fredericksburg activist Archer Di Peppe collects his thoughts together in a book, "Quiet Moments." Archer Di Peppe explores life lessons

Date published: 9/18/2004


"When I was growing up, I use to believe that Mom could analyze the lint in my pockets and know everything I'd done for the last 48 hours. I didn't realize that she also knew everything I was going to do for the next 48 hours," he writes in his book.

From his revelations of fatherhood to his grass-roots fight for preservation, Di Peppe's words and photographs recount a proverbial journey of the lessons learned in life.

"You can't make it up as good as what really happens," he said. "Describe life truthfully and it resonates with the reader."

Published by Olde Towne Publishing Co., "Quiet Moments: Commentary on the Extraordinary Ordinary" is available in paperback for $10 at the Wounded Bookshop and Beck's Antiques & Books in Fredericksburg.

CAROL THOMAS HORTON is research director/copywriter for The Star Radio Group.

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