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Thanks to many, battlefield land has been preserved
Thanks to many, battlefield land has been preserved

Date published: 9/22/2004

The successful negotiations among Tricord Inc., the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors, and the Civil War Preservation Trust ["'Win-win-win' on farm," Sept. 15] to save the 140 acres known as the Mullins farm along State Route 3 is a testimony to what can happen when folks are serious about coming together to get something important accomplished.

We who live in and love this community owe a deep debt of gratitude to them:

To the literally thousands of folks, ordinary citizens from this community and from around the country, who came together over the past several years to see that this beautiful open space, this hallowed ground so much a part of our history and heritage, was saved, forever, thank you.

To Bob Hagan and his colleagues on the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors, whose tireless work over the past several years wasn't publicized, wasn't even recognized by the majority of folks, but was absolutely vital to seeing this deal come to fruition, thank you.

To Jim Lighthizer and Jim Campi of the Civil War Preservation Trust, who simply refused to accept that a deal could not be found, who simply refused to give up their dream of saving this hallowed ground, who provided both catalyst and role model for the preservation community to hang in there when things looked bleak, thank you.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, to Mike Jones and his associates at Tricord, who had a vision, who were willing to forgo profit for preservation, who were willing to allow faith and heart and love for this community to guide their decisions, who, simply put, did an honorable and noble thing in helping make this deal possible. To Mr. Jones and his associates, thank you.

If you have a chance, please let these folks know how much you appreciate their efforts and their commitment. We are all in their debt.

Mike Stevens


Mike Stevens is president of the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust.