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Readers weigh in on why King George should be considered part of the Northern Neck, and why it shouldn't

 A deadrise crabbing boat plies Potomac Creek near Bull's Bluff in King George County. The creek runs into the Potomac River,
the northern boundary of King George.

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Date published: 9/30/2004


TODAY and Sunday, readers weigh in on what they think is included in the region called the Northern Neck.

Today's responses center on whether King George County should be included when talking about the Northern Neck.

King George is in

Joan Farley of King George believes strongly that her county belongs in the Northern Neck.

"King George is part of the Northern Neck peninsula, bounded on the north by the Potomac River and the south by the Rappahannock," she said. "If it was not for King George, the rest of the Northern Neck would just float away. King George is its anchor."

She said the county is also the gateway to the Northern Neck, with a visitors center that helps tourists find their way there.

Other letters and messages argued that King George should be included in the Northern Neck, as its gateway.

Ricky Carpenter of Colonial Beach made a point argued by more than a dozen readers: that possibly just part of King George is in the Northern Neck, the part to the east of U.S. 301.

Carpenter said that when he's been away, he doesn't feel as if he's in the Northern Neck until he crosses U.S. 301 on State Route 3.

"It's just a feeling you get that you have entered the Northern Neck," he said. "There's less traffic, less development and the people are just different. I love it and plan to move farther east."

Nick Perrine of Fredericksburg said that while driving on Route 3 past numerous cornfields and sod farms into King George, "You can't help but get the feeling that you are moving back in time. Once you cross over Route 301, there can be no argument that you have moved into a different setting, void of traffic lights and traffic jams."

He added that "King George may have named itself the 'Gateway to the Northern Neck,' but it's rightfully so."

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