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Today is the most common U.S. birthday, according to anybirthday.com
Today is the most common U.S. birthday, according to anybirthday.com

Date published: 10/5/2004


HEN MARY ANN MESSING came into the world 56 years ago today, so did two other little girls in the hospital rooms right next door.

The three children who shared the same birthday--Oct. 5--went to first grade together and graduated high school together in Clarksville, Tenn.

When Messing went to college, she was a little surprised to learn a new friend also was born on Oct. 5. She moved to Texas a few years later, and, you guessed it, she ran into more folks with the same birthday.

It happened again in 1973, when she relocated to Miami, Fla.

Messing and her husband moved to Spotsylvania County's Fawn Lake a year ago. And the eerie trend continued. A neighbor's husband was born Oct. 5.

"Wherever I move, I run into someone," she said.

A fluke? A coincidence?

Actually, no. Not according to the Web site anybirthday.com, a database that claims to keep 135 million birth records on hand.

Oct. 5, it reports, is the most common birthday in the United States. An average 12,576 people are born on this day each year.

Conception would have been on New Years Eve, according to the site.

D.T. Arcieri, a biologist at Farmingdale State University in New York, says there's proof.

The average pregnancy lasts 274 days. Oct. 5, he wrote in an e-mail, is about 274 days from New Year's Eve, the day millions of Americans are celebrating with alcohol.

Arcieri's birthday is also Oct. 5.

Messing heard several years ago that more Americans shared her birthday than any other. Obviously, she wasn't too surprised by the news.

As for a New Year's Eve conception, Messing's parents never mentioned that, she said with a laugh.

Marley Dubberly of Stafford County turns 5 years old today. She celebrated Saturday with friends and family at Explore and Moore, an interactive children's museum in Woodbridge.

Today, Marley will either go shopping at Spotsylvania Mall or see a movie with her mom, dad and brother, said mother Candice Dubberly.

Her favorite place to shop is Claire's, an accessories store geared toward kids and teens.

Janie Carner, born on Oct. 5, 1908, celebrates her 96th birthday today.

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