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Today is the most common U.S. birthday, according to anybirthday.com page 2
Today is the most common U.S. birthday, according to anybirthday.com

Date published: 10/5/2004



Carner lives in Caroline County near Guinea, next door to the farm where she grew up.

So with all these babies born Oct. 5, is there a day out of the year where the least number of babies are born?

Yes, indeed, reports anybirth day.com. That would be May 22. An average 10,259 babies are born on that day each year--about 2,300 less than on Oct. 5. Conception for those babies would fall in late August.

From November to May, births hold steady, according to the Web site. Rates begin to rise in June and peak in early October.

(Neither the U.S. Census nor Department of Social Security keep records on most and least common birthdays.)

Oct. 5, 1943, was a doubly good day for Gary Eckhardt's father. It was the day his son was born and the day the Army Air Corps pilot was promoted to captain.

Years later, Eckhardt, a contractor at the Pentagon who lives in Prince William County, had a daughter born the day he was promoted to captain.

Only that didn't happen Oct. 5.

Several famous people also were born on this day: NBA basketball player Grant Hill, actors Larry Fine--from the Three Stooges--Kate Winslet and Karen Allen, comedian Bernie Mac and hockey player Mario Lemieux.

One U.S. president was born on this day: Chester A. Arthur. He became the 21st president after James A. Garfield was assassinated in 1881.

Messing, who for the last 56 years has met folks who share her birthday, will celebrate today with her daughter and husband. She's not sure yet what they have planned. But, Messing said, they always make sure it's a very special day.

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