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Thanks for support of slavery museum
Thanks for support of slavery museum

Date published: 10/16/2004

After reading Marlene Almstead's letter about Bill Cosby's recent visit to Fredericksburg ["Cosby's racist comments about museum bothered me," Oct. 10], I am saddened and dismayed that she took the thoughtful words that Mayor Tom Tomzak so eloquently stated and turned them into something ugly. I believe the mayor spoke, as Doug Wilder said, with such an enlightened mind that it unfortunately went straight over Ms. Almstead's head.

Furthermore, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that Mr. Cosby was joking when he talked about the slave ship replica with "white people in the bottom." You have to have a sense of humor, along with an ability to laugh when the subject matter hurts so much that you want to cry, to scream, and to curl up into a ball.

Mayor Tomzak was correct when he said, "Some day babies will be born free of the legacy of slavery, and this museum will bring that day much closer." I suspect there are many who live among us who would prefer that the legacy continue and fear this museum for that exact reason. These people would prefer to never face the heinous truth of what occurred in our country.

Let's face it and learn from it. Let us not continue a legacy of division. Thank you, Bill Cosby, for visiting Fredericksburg, and thank you, Mayor Tomzak, for showing your support.

Tiffany Neary