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Faith leads volunteers to valuable work page 3
Faith-based volunteering can help make the world a better place.

Date published: 10/17/2004


Integral to the hospital is a guest residence housing as many as 12 volunteer health-care professionals. A visiting surgical team of 12 doctors and nurses, for example, can spend as little as one week at the hospital and perform a vast amount of vital medical work efficiently and effectively.

Nurses and doctors from all parts of the United States now travel to Haiti to volunteer at CRUDEM's hospital.

While other individuals and groups participating in Volunteers for Prosperity will find it appropriate to have longer tours of service, it is worth noting that in many situations, well-organized volunteers can accomplish a great deal in a very short time.

Business and financial executives and information-technology specialists, for example, also provide very effective support to developing countries' business sectors through short-term volunteer missions promoted by Volunteers for Prosperity.

Volunteers for Prosperity can succeed only through grass-roots enthusiasm. We need your organizations' help in promoting public awareness and individual commitment to voluntary service.

We invite your organizations' active participation in our initiative. In the words of St. Francis of Assisi, all of us are called to be instruments of the Lord's peace.

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