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Proffers do not guarantee rezoning approval page 3
Developer goes to Plan B with controversial Whitehall project in Spotsylvania

 A Silver Cos. proposal for Sherwood Farm on State Route 3 is one of several large-scale rezonings being considered in Stafford.
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Date published: 10/18/2004



Central Virginia Battlefields Trust President Mike Stevens said he had not heard about the new proposal.

At Whitehall, he said, "The most important land is contiguous with Jackson Trail East. It's a very important landmark to Jackson Flank." On May 2, 1862, Confederate Lt. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson led 26,000 men on a 12-mile march to attack the Union army's flank, catching them by surprise while they prepared dinner.

Stevens hopes that some of the Whitehall land can still be preserved. In September, Tricord Inc. agreed to sell 140 acres connected with the Chancellorsville battlefield along State Route 3 to the Washington-based Civil War Preservation Trust for $3 million.

"You win some and you lose some," Stevens said. "One thing about our contacts with Whitehall--they've been nothing but positive. I do think they were willing to try to work something out."

Winkelman said that's still possible, and he commended the Park Service and battlefield trust for their efforts.

"I would say, yes I told Mr. Smith that at some point we would all be sitting down again."

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