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Teacher advances as student page 2
UMW professor earns black belt in Aikido

 Craig Naylor (left), a professor at University of Mary Washington, works out with Jeff Martin at the Fredericksburg Aikido Club yesterday.
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Date published: 11/5/2004



"It's been a very interesting experience," Naylor said. "He's made my technique a lot more precise. I had a lot of bad habits."

Other FAC students admire Naylor's abilities. In Montpelier, Naylor took the 30-minute long test with training partner Nick Marmalejo of King George.

In the first set of techniques, Naylor was forced to defend an attacker with both on their knees. Later Naylor had to deal with a standing aggressor while he remained kneeled.

None of it was a problem for Naylor.

"His precision and the fluidity of his movement is what's special about him," Marmalejo said. "He's able to take hold of what's going on and really handle aggressive attackers."

Added Pienkowski: "He's able to translate everyday living into Aikido. Once that base is there, it's easier to learn the techniques. He already had the heart and soul of it."

While Naylor practices Aikido at night, during the day he teaches electronic music and music theory to Mary Washington students.

He also composes music and is a band conductor.

He said that many of his students don't know about his Aikido prowess.

But there is an Aikido club on campus and those who participate are aware of his third favorite passion: music and the outdoors are his top two.

"I don't talk about [Aikido] unless someone asks me," Naylor said. "So I think most of my students will be a little surprised."

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