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Spotsylvania family was in Thailand when tsunami hit page 3
Spotsylvania family was in Thailand when tsunami hit

Date published: 1/11/2005



But some of she and Chai's friends who live in Thailand are amid the disaster, helping in any way they can.

"I feel like I should be back over there," Ann said.

Ann received this account from a friend, in an e-mail from a woman named Mai.

"We went to Phuket city hall first they sent us to take pics of corpses for identifying.

"Day 1: we worked in identifying team take pics of bodies, accessory items and body decorations. It was the hardest day of my life! Dozens of unidentified people lying around and being decomposed in the sun and the SMELL!!!!! Everywhere I look, my eyes filled up with tears

"Day 2: What brought us back is simply guilt We told ourselves we are not coming back again, we were overwhelmed But finally we decided to come back because we felt guilty for the people who are there seeking out helpOn that day we worked with team, carried bodies to cool storage after identifying. It was a bit easier than the first day.

"After all this, I learn so much from it. Worth of living and loving. Realized and learned how people can be so kind to each other in such difficult situation and give courage to each other."

Staff librarian Craig Schulin contributed to this story.

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