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Bargain books get new venue
Anyone interested in lots of books at bargain prices may want to consider a visit to Porter Library in North Stafford

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Date published: 4/6/2005


IF YOU ARE an avid reader who enjoys bargain prices, maybe you better toss another pillow in your favorite chair and put on a pot of coffee.

That's because the folks at Porter Library are expanding their popular used-book sale from once a month to every day beginning May 6.

Yard work? Spring cleaning? Forget about it. ("OK dear, just one more chapter and I promise to turn out the light.")

The bookstore will be located in the room off the library's lobby that previously housed the gift shop. Porter's gift shop will be closing on April 30. Only gift cards, note cards and a few other items will be offered after that date. The branch's online gift shop ceased operation last Thursday and the last of the monthly used-book sales will conclude tomorrow.

"The monthly sales were so well-received we're going to try it on a continual basis," said branch manager Nelda Mohr, who estimated that the new area will feature between 400 and 500 used books.

The selection will include everything from best sellers and romances to children's books and videos.

"We'll refresh the stock every week," said Mohr. "And we'll even continue to have the $1-a-bag day about once a month from a table of books that have been in the store for several weeks."

Each of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library branches have used-book sales. But Porter's have been particularly successful in part because of the frequent military transfers in North Stafford. Porter is located at 2001 Parkway Boulevard in the Park Ridge subdivision just off Garrisonville Road.

"We get donations almost daily," said Mohr. "And the monthly sales have grown to the point that they take up a lot of table space and require a lot of heavy lifting."

The book sales are fund-raisers for the Stafford Chapter of the Friends of the Library, a group that supports library programs and also buys furniture and other items for the Porter branch.

There will be some specially priced items in the new bookstore, Mohr said, but mostly you can expect to find lots of bargains.

Hardcover books and larger paperbacks will sell for $2.50 each or three for $6.

Mass-market paperbacks will sell for 50 cents or five for $2.

Children's hardcover books will sell for $1 each, or six for $5.

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