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Museum is making big connections page 2
U.S. National Slavery Museum's name was linked to high-profile projects in 2004.

Date published: 4/23/2005



The insert features a map of battlefields on one side and information and artifacts related to slavery on the other. Foster is listed as a consultant on the side with slavery information.

Holder said the contact with National Geographic is "huge," even if the credit is barely noticeable because it increases the chance the magazine--which has a widespread readership--will call again when it's writing on the issue of slavery.

"Those contacts make a lot of sense to have long term," Holder said.

Frank Frost said Damron allowed him to photograph artifacts for a television special being timed to coincide with the July Fourth holiday. The Hallmark Channel program, "American Creed," addresses the fact that the nation was founded on the premise that all men are created equal but fell short when it came to slavery and women.

Frost, president of Frank Frost Productions of McLean, is producing the special in association with Lightworks Producing Group for Faith & Values Media.

He said the museum's artifacts gave him a better sense of what it felt like to be enslaved--something he hopes will be conveyed to viewers. But viewers won't learn a lot about the slavery museum from watching the program.

"Not a lot of what we end up with was from the slavery museum, but a lot of what we wound up with was inspired by them," Frost said.

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