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Jordan: Wizards' goals hold few boundaries page 2

 Wizards coach Eddie Jordan is counting on the 'fourth scorer' to emerge in training camp.
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Date published: 9/27/2006


The Wizards also added free-agent guard DeShawn Stevenson from the Orlando Magic and will welcome back guard Jarvis Hayes, who appears to be healthy after two years of knee injuries. Second-year player Andray Blatche, whose rookie season was derailed when he was shot during a carjacking, showed promise in summer league games.

"The fourth scorer, I don't know who that would be," Jordan said. "Will it be one of our big guys in the paint? Will it be Darius? Will it be Jarvis? It's sort of exciting thinking here that somebody is going to be the fourth and fifth scorer for us."

Jordan said he has tweaked the offense to give centers Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas more scoring chances. Haywood and Jordan have had their differences, but the two met during the summer shortly after the coach signed a contract extension.

"It's the start of, I hope, a terrific relationship," Jordan said.

The Wizards feel they are so deep on the frontcourt that they plan to let their first-round draft pick, Oleksiy Pecherov, remain overseas with a European team for another year rather than have him sit on the end of the bench in Washington.

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