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Tossing bag nets 2 years page 2
Woman sentenced to prison for flinging sack containing soft drink from her vehicle into another on Interstate 95.

Date published: 1/5/2007


Ballin testified that as she passed him the second time, he gave her a gesture expressing exasperation with her driving. A short time later, he said, her car door opened and the McDonald's bag went flying past his face.

After liquid got all over him and his passenger, Eliza Fowle, Ballin said he pulled to the shoulder in part because he wasn't sure what had been thrown into his car.

Ballin said he got back onto the travel lane after a woman got out of Hall's car and moved hurriedly toward his vehicle.

He said Hall continued to follow him into Prince William County, where he saw a state trooper in the median. The trooper, Clinton Preston II, was finishing up paperwork from the fatal wreck that had traffic stalled.

As Ballin was telling Preston what had happened, Hall drove by. Preston stopped her after Ballin pointed her out.

Preston testified that Hall told him she threw the drink at Ballin because he'd angered her by cutting her off several times. She said she didn't mean to hit the passenger, Preston said.

Hall testified at her sentencing hearing that she regretted what she did, but said it was a mutual road-rage incident. She compared her actions to "giving someone the finger."

Elsasser argued that it was much more serious than that, saying such actions could lead to serious accidents, especially on a major highway.

Hall was also convicted of reckless driving, assault and battery and assault. The jury recommended a total of $1,000 in fines for those convictions.

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