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Chancellorsville death sparks letters page 3
When Sue Chancellor wrote about the Battle of Chancellorsville in May 1863, it resonated with a soldier's brother in California. By Mac Wyckoff

 Lt. William B. Hutton is buried in Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery. The Alabamian was killed May 3, 1863, in the Battle of Chancellorsville.
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Date published: 1/20/2007


The next year, Hutton moved to California and began his law practice. He returned east only once. On March 1, 1903, he returned to Fredericksburg to see the grave and visit the people who had been so kind to him in 1868. He was sad to see that all of them had died or moved away. He did visit the Chancellors, and thanked George for moving his brother's body to the cemetery, but did not see Sue, because she was sick. Vespasian Chancellor arranged for a wagon and team of horses to take Hutton to the cemetery to visit the grave.

Sue Chancellor responded to the first of Hutton's 1921 letters by placing flowers on his brother's grave. Hutton's second letter thanked her for her kindness and said that if she had known his brother, she would understand "how worthy of every attention his ashes are."

What appears to be a new headstone for William B. Hutton can see seen today at the far left end of the first row in the Alabama section of Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery.

MAC WYCKOFF of Spotsylvania County is a historian. Send e-mail to his attention to
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