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Got Ipod? Daniels is the man to see
Letters from training camp

 When he's not running drills at practice, Redskins defensive end Phillip Daniels (93) is the team's king of the Ipod.
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Date published: 8/4/2007


I got my first MP3 player a few months ago.

I tossed some songs on it from CDs. I downloaded a few others off the Internet.

I probably put 50 of them on there to start.

Thought I was so cool.

Then the other day I was talking to Redskins defensive end Phillip Daniels. He was telling me about how he takes care of the iPods for most of his teammates.

"I've got like 50 songs on mine," I told him. "I should probably have a few more. You've probably got a bunch downloaded."

He nodded his head in a self-approving way.

"I've got more than 40,000," Daniels said, smiling.

He must have misunderstood me, I thought. I didn't ask how many songs he thought existed. I wanted to know how many he had downloaded.

"Yup," he continued. "More than 40,000."

Apparently, when Daniels played for the University of Georgia, he started collecting music.

And he hasn't stopped.

He was in college for four years and has been in the NFL for 12.

So, let's see, that's about 2,500 songs a year.

"Guys know I got all the music," Daniels said. "So they come to me to get their iPods straight."

Daniels takes it all quite seriously. He hates when a teammate's iPod lists songs as "unknown" or "track 1" or something.

He sets them up to list the artist and the song and the album it came from.

"Can't stand a messy iPod," he said.

I figured I should ask a player or two about this.

"Oh, definitely," linebacker Lemar Marshall said. "He's like DJ iPod. He'll do like three a week. He even put more memory on mine when I gave it to him."

So when you see the Redskins warming up before games this season, rest assured they are bobbing their heads to the work of Daniels.

I thought about bringing my MP3 player to camp and asking Daniels to work his magic. Keep him busy, you know?

"I got all the old-school, all the everything," he said. "Whatever you need, I got it."

Will write more soon,

P.S.--What do you get when you throw an apple into a gravel pit? A Rocky McIntosh.

The Free Lance-Star's Adam Himmelsbach reports from Redskins training camp in Ashburn.