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Tale of two soccer balls illustrates town's obsession with sport, and its need

Date published: 8/27/2007


"Chief Nana has made a decision," Acquah said. "He's going to give one ball to the school and the other one to the teams."

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"I want to bring some small gifts to the residents of Prince's Town when I come. Can you suggest some things that they might enjoy and find useful?" E-mail from Frank Delano to Alfred "Kaku" Acquah, May 13, 2007.

"To your information we have two football teams in PT so remember them in your gift."

--Acquah to Delano, May 19.

"What do you think the PT football teams might like? I'm not sure I can bring many footballs!"

--Delano to Acquah, May 21.

"The Football teams will appreciate anything ranging from football to jersey, any one you can afford to purchase."

--Acquah to Delano, May 22.

"Tell me more about PT's football teams I've looked at some Web sites that sell football uniforms, but I have no idea what I might order for the PT teams. I also doubt that I will be able to carry everything in my luggage Perhaps the best solution would be to buy some jerseys or balls when I get to Accra. Let me know what you think."

--Delano to Acquah, May 23.

"The football teams in PT have 22 players each and their ages range from 14 to 22 years. Since it is not properly organized they are yet to adopt colors, so I think for now any color will do. I agree that we buy what you can from Ghana to avoid clearing and freight charges."

--Acquah to Delano, May 23.

"Besides the soccer have you thought of bringing one America football for a try? That will be interesting and historic."

--Acquah to Delano, May 24.

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