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On Election Day, here is a summary of our endorsements

Date published: 11/6/2007

HERE IS A SUMMARY of The Free-Lance Star's endorsements in the 2007 election.

The State Senate

In the 28th District, a rancorous campaign to replace retiring Sen. John Chichester (R) failed to commend either candidate. We make no recommendation in this race.

In the 17th District, incumbent Edd Houck (D) has won our nod for his record of service and sound judgment over 23 years in the state senate.

The House of Delegates

In the 28th District, House Speaker Bill Howell (R) has served honorably and well. We support his re-election.

Republican Mark Cole is the incumbent in the 88th District. His record of thoughtful fiscal and social conservatism makes him worthy of a return trip to Richmond.

Bobby Orrock (R) currently represents the 54th District and adds needed balance to the House of Delegates. We support his re-election.

Spotsylvania County

Five seats on the Board of Supervisors are up for election this year. We endorse these three candidates:

Emmitt Marshall, Berkeley District, brings longevity and fiscal conservatism to the Board. Henry "Hap" Connors, Chancellor District, is one of the most thoughtful and effective public servants in any of our local jurisdictions. And we believe Tom Beals, running in the Livingston District, would bring a fresh perspective to discussions regarding the county.

In the race for sheriff, we recommend returning incumbent Howard Smith to office. He has served the county with professionalism and integrity.

Stafford County

Three candidates for the Board of Supervisors stand out:

In the Griffis-Widewater District, incumbent Jack Cavalier deserves a return to office based on his understanding of issues and prior service. Tom Coen is our pick for the George Washington District. A public-school teacher, his knowledge of history and government and his even temperament will be an asset to the Board. Finally, in the Rock Hill District, Cord Sterling's participation on the Commonwealth Transportation Board and his ideas for improving the county make him the candidate of choice.