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UMW freshman facing penalty over poster page 2
Racially insensitive poster leads to possible disciplinary actions against UMW student

Date published: 11/9/2007


One student at the forum apologized for Mariani, saying the poster "was a joke in poor taste."

"If people were offended, he's sorry," the student said.

He accused the administration of having a "knee-jerk response" to the story.

Freshman Paul Carter, whom the article also quoted, later apologized for the incident, UMW housekeeper Roslyn Woolfolk said at the forum. She said she forgave him.

"We're a little community, and we need to just try to get along. Racism is old and we need to get new," Woolfolk said to a round of applause.

Hurley stressed that the actions of a few students don't represent the entire university.

"Our students and employees have shown themselves to be compassionate individuals time and time again," he said. "By not being afraid to confront difficult issues that arise around us, we can raise awareness of how acts by a few students can affect others within the community."

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