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Hample wants to be back on campus
The University of Mary Washington's next president is ready to work on a campus full-time

 Dr. Judy G. Hample was named UMW's eighth president Monday. She's the school's first female leader.
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  • Date published: 3/12/2008


    Judy Hample, who will become the University of Mary Washington's eighth president on July 1, said she looks forward to reconnecting with the day-to-day business of running a campus.

    "I felt and I still feel that as I make what I anticipate to be the last move of my career, that I really want to return to my roots," said Hample, 60, who will be UMW's first female leader.

    Early in her career, she was the director of debate at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She's spent the past 10 years as an administrator for public university systems in Florida and Pennsylvania.

    UMW announced her hiring Monday. Vice President Rick Hurley has served as acting president since last spring, when William Frawley was fired after two DUI charges.

    Kevin Dean, a professor and director of West Chester University's honors program in Pennsylvania, said Hample was excited and "frankly, a little bit relieved" to get the job at UMW. Since August 2001, she's been the chancellor of Pennsylvania's 14-campus, 110,000-student public education system in Harrisburg.

    "There are so many broad political constituencies that you have to face in the role of chancellor," Dean said.

    The Harrisburg Patriot-News reported in 2003 that Hample received failing grades in a survey of 595 professors, who said they were kept out of the loop on some issues.

    In an interview yesterday, Hample said the Association of Pennsylvania State College & University Faculties distributed the survey 10 days after she proposed requiring faculty to pay for some of their health care insurance.

    "Their survey was a tactic designed to intimidate me and cause me to abandon that position at the bargaining table, which of course did not happen," she said yesterday.

    UMW Rector Bill Poole said he was aware of the survey but said Hample's explanation in an interview was satisfactory.

    The Pennsylvania faculty union's president, Patricia Heilman, said yesterday that she has a good working relationship with Hample, but they've clashed over several things, including performance incentives.

    Under Hample's leadership, Heilman said, the state developed incentives that "focused more on the bottom line than on academic quality."

    Also, "I think the faculty and students would've preferred that she would've made more visits to the campuses," she said.

    But Dean said Hample reaches out to people and makes them feel appreciated. In fact, Hample spoke to his graduate students twice about an article she wrote in the 1970s for the Quarterly Journal of Speech.

    "It was just magical," he said. "She was just so animated, and the students couldn't get enough of her."

    Hample acknowledges she's been "one step removed" from campus life but says she's ready for the change.

    "I think it will be a very easy transition because it's something I really want to do," she said.

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    University of Mary Washington Rector Bill Poole has not released Judy Hample's five-year contract, because it has not been signed by all parties yet, he said. The Harrisburg Patriot-News last reported her salary as chancellor in Pennsylvania at $327,718, in addition to a house to use and a leased vehicle. Former UMW President William Frawley's salary at the time of his firing was $305,000. He also had use of a university home and car.


    At 60, Judy Hample is older than UMW's last three presidents were when they were hired. William Frawley was 52; William Anderson was 41 and Prince Woodard was 52.