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UMW president will make $330,000
University of Mary Washington's next president making $330,000 annually

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Date published: 3/13/2008


The University of Mary Washington's next president will make $330,000 annually, $25,000 more than the school's last leader.

The university's private foundation will pay $191,058 of Judy Hample's salary. Hample, 60, signed a five-year deal Monday and will become UMW's first female president July 1.

William Frawley was being paid $305,000 before he was fired as president last spring.

Hample is currently the chancellor of the University of Pennsylvania's 14-campus, 110,000-student education system in Harrisburg. The Harrisburg Patriot-News last reported her salary at $327,718, in addition to a house to use and a leased vehicle.

"She wanted to make at least what she was making there," said UMW Rector Bill Poole. "If you change jobs, you always want to make a couple bucks more."

UMW's foundation isn't providing Hample with a car but will pay her $1,500 a month for automobile expenses. The foundation also will pay for fuel, oil changes and routine cleanings.

Frawley totaled his university-owned car in a wreck that led to the first of two arrests for driving under the influence, and his dismissal. That's not why Hample isn't being issued a vehicle, Poole said. He said there was no specific reason for the change in policy.

The contract doesn't entitle Hample to mediation if she's fired with cause. Frawley took advantage of a clause in his contract allowing him to seek mediation after his firing, but the two sides reached no agreement.

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Entitled to a year of sabbatical leave with full pay after seven years of employment, as long as she has not resigned or been fired.

Accrues four weeks of paid vacation a year. Can carry over up to 10 days a year.

UMW's private foundation will contribute $25,000 annually to a retirement plan.

University will pay her up to $2,000 for the services of a certified public accountant and a financial planner.

University will pay up to $2,000, over and above health insurance coverage, for a required annual "executive physical examination."

Appoints her as a tenured professor of communication.