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Take advantage of time alone with your grief

Date published: 8/31/2008

Just as a new birth brings joy, it also brings trials and tribulations. Likewise, with a death and loss, you have a mixture. There is the overwhelming sadness you expect, but there are also moments of peace when you shut out the rest of the world and are alone with your memories of your loved one.

In most cases, you are given the gift of having time alone, either because people don't know what to say and just leave you alone, or because you stop seeking company or social activity for some time.

Take advantage of this to delve into your grief, and you may find some solace in the act of being alone with your photos, your loved one's belongings, your tears, your emotions.

Learn what grief can do to you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Mourn in various ways to find what brings you closest to your loved one and comforts you. Read books on loss, go to counseling or join a bereavement group. Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings, put together a photo album of a loved one's life, or create a memory box filled with cherished belongings.

Someone said there is beauty in grief, and I believe that this is what we need to look for, as it is as natural and necessary a part of life as birth.

-Cheryl Sutton