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2 teens guilty in home holdups
Teens convicted in Spotsy home invasions

Date published: 9/30/2008


Two teenagers involved in a Spotsylvania County home invasion were convicted yesterday and a third man is expected to plead guilty in December.

Naser Mihailovic, 17, was the only one of the three men tried by Judge David H. Beck, and after a two-hour proceeding, he was found guilty on all five charges against him.

Co-defendent Cody Lee Copeland, 19, pleaded guilty to five charges stemming from the incident with Mihailovic, as well as two other break-ins in Spotsylvania. In exchange for his guilty pleas, prosecutor Amy Harper allowed Copeland to be evaluated for the juvenile offenders program, which means when Copeland returns to court for his sentencing hearing, Beck could decide whether to give him the 20 years in prison as recommended in his agreement or allow him to complete the program instead.

Michael Mittura, 20, who was charged in the three break-ins with Copeland, agreed to testify against Mihailovic yesterday and his attorney, Mark Gardner, told Beck he expected Mittura to plead guilty to related charges Dec. 8.

Mittura, who has 14 charges pending, including robbery and conspiracy, said in court that he had not been promised a deal or reduced sentence from Harper, but hoped that the testimony would work in his favor when it came time for him to plead.

Mittura was also convicted last month in Stafford of multiple robberies and Mihailovic has charges pending there as well.

The incident that involved all three men, and the only one in which Mihailovic was accused of having involvement, occurred Jan. 22 at the home of Cory and Ian White, teenage brothers who had been friends with Mittura for years before the incident.

Mittura testified that he and Mihailovic busted the door open and entered the White's home about 8 p.m. wearing ski masks. The brothers were in the living room watching television and their roommate was in another part of the house, Mittura and both brothers said in court.

Mittura said Copeland was the getaway driver and was waiting outside with the car while he and Mihailovic went in and stole an XBox 360, multiple video games and a laptop computer.

Mihailovic had a handgun that he threatened the men with, Mittura said.

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