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Peaceful resolution with environment page 3
Martial-art school in Spotsylvania being built with green methods and materials

 Insulated concrete form walls were built by Quinn Construc-tion of Glen Burnie, Md. Windows are key to the design.
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Date published: 11/21/2008


Goldsmith said he used a bit of persuasion to fine-tune the project. He will use conventional but highly efficient 16 SEER heat pumps for a four-zone heating and air-conditioning system. The contractor changed his recommendations, which were based solely on the building's dimensions, once the construction method was dialed into the calculations. Units just half the size that would normally be required will be sufficient.

He negotiated as well with Spotsylvania zoning officials, who based paved parking-lot needs on typical school operation requirements. Instead, the county agreed to a smaller parking area, reducing runoff.

Once construction is completed, Goldsmith's wife, Master Gardener Donna Pienkowski, will take on the strategic landscaping. She will place trees so that their foliage will shade the building in summer, but allow sunshine to warm the building after the leaves drop off.

Goldsmith said he is looking forward to a spring 2009 opening for the building.

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Aikido is described as "a non-violent martial art that focuses on self-defense, personal growth and conflict resolution."

School manager Aviv Goldsmith said the dojo he's building is modeled after the Iwama Dojo in Japan, and aims to harmonize with nature like those in Japan do. But the similarities end there. Japanese dojos are very primitive, lacking the showers, air conditioning and locker rooms that the new dojo will have to cater to American expectations.

Goldsmith emphasized that aikido, while having belts that signify skill levels, is also designed to be a way of living one's life peacefully and in tune with nature.

Goldsmith said he came here after living in Nevada for 17 years because of the climate. He said he could have chosen anywhere in the east-central part of the country, but that the perfect site turned up along Hickory Ridge Road in Spotsylvania County, about a mile south of Massaponax and a mile west of U.S. 1.

He hopes the school will increase awareness of aikido in the area. Through his contacts in the martial art, Goldsmith wants to host international aikido seminars at the site in the future. Visit familyaikido.org for a closer look.