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Slavery museum revenue, spending increased in 2007 MUSEUM EXPENSES page 3
U.S. National Slavery Museum tax return shows organization in the black for 2007 but raised less than $1 million

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Date published: 11/22/2008


"I received no response to my Aug. 7 and Sept. 11 requests for information that would substantiate the Taxpayer's claim that the property will be developed as a museum within a reasonable amount of time," Jacob wrote. "I would have considered any number of construction or financial documents, including but not limited to a construction contract, project schedule, project budget, and documents establishing the Taxpayer's financial ability to commence construction, but I received no such documentation.

"In fact, I received no reply at all to these requests for information."


The proposed museum's federal tax return is a public document because it is a nonprofit organization. Museum assistant Debra Daniels provided a copy of the return to the newspaper this week, upon request, as provided by law. The deadline for filing the report was Monday.

Of the $527,050 in expenses the museum listed for 2007, the cost of fundraising accounted for $61,910, or 11.7 percent. Of that total, $12,750 was the portion of Foster's $85,000 salary designated toward that effort.

Other expenses for the year included another $66,216 for wages. The museum reported having three employees in 2007.

Expenses fall into three broad categories: fundraising, management and program services.

Program services accounted for $288,331 and included things such as supplies, postage, publications and travel.

Management included salaries, payroll taxes, accounting fees and insurance.

The tax return does not list who gave the $577,173 in contributions to the museum in 2007. However, Philip Morris USA announced in March 2007 that it was making a $200,000 donation.

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The U.S. National Slavery Museum reported a total of $527,050 in expenses for 2007. Here are some of the major ones listed on its tax return:

Wages/payroll taxes: $164,009

Exhibition expenses: $124,449

Fundraising events: $34,458

Advertising/marketing: $27,700

Insurance: $26,046

Printing/publications: $23,885

Program events: $20,228

Supplies: $12,678

Travel: $12,659