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Hartwood hits Hollywood page 2
Stafford teacher uses Oscar turn to give celebrities her class's environmental message

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Date published: 2/26/2009

By Rob Hedelt


"They put their feelings into letters I took with me," she said. "They were pretty strongly worded, starting out 'Dear celebrity' and telling them they'd better do their part."

At school Tuesday, 9-year-olds Annie Fitzgerald and Allison Morris listed ideas students included in their letters such as recycling materials, conserving resources and caring for animals.

"When the celebrities would come to our booth, especially the ones my kids would know, I'd show them the letters and a picture I had of the class," said Lausten.

She was gratified and a bit surprised to see how many of them took an interest. She said many signed the back of the class picture and even added notes of encouragement, as well as posing for pictures.

One particularly positive celeb was Yvette Nicole Brown, a regular on the kid-oriented TV show "Drake & Josh" and a star of the recent Disney film "Hotel for Dogs."

Both the Lawrences and the Flowers said they were struck by how nice the stars were and were excited about the opportunity to put the S.H.O.P. totes in the hands of so many high-profile celebrities, something they hope will translate into sales across the country.

They all agreed that it was Lausten who had the most high-profile moment of the trip.

On a walk to a nearby drugstore, she stepped off a curb and was almost run down by a driver who changed lanes abruptly.

Hopping back onto the curb, she nearly collided with an athletic-looking fellow who checked to see that she was OK and made sure she made it back to the hotel.

That same fellow came through the company's booth the next day.

"That's Terrell Owens!" Ed Lawrence pointed out to his sister-in-law, who didn't know the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver.

"He was so nice when I saw him at the booth and thanked him again for helping me," she said. "He talked to us for a while and was very nice, posing for a picture with me. The class loved it."


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